TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Series Super Luminous Replica Watches UK

It’s 4:15am, and I’m being jolted awake by the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 replica watches on my wrist, as it buzzes with a surprising degree of urgency. I stumble from bed in the dark, reaching for my bibs and jersey which have been slung over the back of a chair. A few feet away, pre-ground coffee from last night sits patiently in the pour-over filter, awaiting hot water. I’m light years from many of the experiences of a pro cyclist, but this is one we’re able to share: the bleary-eyed start of every day, the prelude to a double-life waged in the pursuit of the privilege to ride among an extreme minority of the sport’s most elite.

The rude morning wake-up calls, along with the constant pangs of hunger, persistent fatigue, and general malaise are all callsigns of a life in pro cycling that Nate King, brand manager at Above Category (essentially the Les Ambassadeurs of bike shops) once knew. King is casting off for one more light shakedown ride before shipping off to a 2.1 category stage race in Europe, and he’s invited me along.

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As the tools by which feats of courage through speed are measured, mechanical watches are a natural partner with the many disciplines of man’s race against the clock. This has been exemplified through the years in the myriad of partnerships found between Swiss luxury watchmakers and Formula One, Moto GP, America’s Cup, and many others. However, the Connected Modular 45 marks TAG Heuer’s return to professional cycling, joining Assos of Switzerland as the third pillar in a trifecta of Swiss brands that have yielded a juggernaut in the pro cycling peloton: the BMC Racing Team.

As previously hinted, this is not TAG Heuer’s waterproof replica watches first foray into professional bike racing. The venerable Swiss brand’s now-iconic red, white, and green chevron graced jersey sleeves in pro cycling over 25 years ago in 1985 with Sean Kelly and the Heuer Skil SEM team. In the five seasons that followed, Heuer sponsored the American 7-Eleven cycling team directed by a young Jim Ochowicz, equipping the team stars like Bob Roll, Davis Phinney, and Andy Hampsten with the colorful, fiberglass-cased Formula 1 watches.

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With Ochowicz now at the helm of BMC Racing, and avid cyclist and fan Jean-Claude Biver running the show at TAG Heuer cheap fake watches UK, the timing for a new partnership was opportune. While time will determine the value of the relationship (Swiss newspaper Blick has previously hinted that this is the first step in Biver’s personal goal of TAG becoming the title sponsor of the BMC Team in future seasons), BMC team riders – and by extension, TAG Heuer, have already been a regular on podiums all over Europe and the United States thus far this season, making it highly likely that TAG Heuer will be a fixture in pro cycling for the foreseeable future.

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